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How to Store Your Leftover Business Stock

Joel Belanger

Do you need storage space for your small business? Are you looking for a flexible, cost-effective option? A [...] Read More

What You Need To Know About Business Storage

Have a small business that's growing rapidly? Are you running out of floor space for your company to sustain that growth? Every business experiences growing pains, big and small alike. One of the most common is balancing inventory against available space. The need for business storage fluctuates throughout the year. Instead of having those costly fire-sales, or worse, throwing out good stock to make room for new inventory. Check out some of these helpful articles on using storage as an alternative warehouse for your overstock!


How Self Storage Can Help Your Business

A storage facility offers the use of their space at a flat rate. This means that your business can determine the amount of space you need and the amount of time you need it for. Maybe you only need it for a short term place to stage some new products. Or maybe you are a contractor who needs a place to store equipment when it isn't on the jobsite. A storage facility can be the less expensive option when compared to buying or even building a new office.


Using A Storage Unit As Your Business Space

You run a service business and handle everything on the road. Why would you take on the expense of an office you don't even get to use? Storage facilities that offer large units can be the perfect solution. You can store your vehicles and equipment at the facility when you are done for the day rather than taking them home. Just make sure that the facility you are looking at allows this use before moving in!