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Entrance view of Titan Storage - Spanish Fort showing high fencing with barbed wire, gate, and some unit doors and drive

State of the Art Storage Units

When your storage needs outgrow a standard unit, Titan is the answer. Our oversized storage units can accommodate your boat, RV, and much more. Trailers; farm and industrial equipment; and large quantities of smaller items can all have a home at Titan Storage. View Availability, Rates, & Sizes at our locations:

What Our Customers Say

"I have NEVER seen a place so impressive"

- Christopher Boothe

Welcome to Titan Storage!

At Titan Storage, the name of the game is convenience, security, and top-notch customer service to ensure you enjoy the greatest experience possible every time you visit one of our facilities. Each of our facilities is purpose built to accommodate oversized storage in the safest and most secure setting possible. Oversized doors, extra wide driveways, and ample spaces for your belongings are just a few of the set features at each of our locations.

Our Storage Types


Big Boat – Find a place to store your boat indoors out of the weather when it’s too big to keep at home and for the winter


Class A Large Motorhome – Secure indoor storage for your RV inside an enclosed climate controlled storage unit

Car Collection

Restored Classic Car – Safe parking for luxury, exotic, and collector cars indoor storage space with top of the line security


Commercial Vehicles, Fleet Truck – Don’t leave your business vehicles stored outside keep them safe and secure indoors


Dual Axle Enclosed Trailer – Trailers are a common oversized storage commodity that can’t always be stored at home.

What Sets Titan Storage Apart From the Competition?

As Baldwin County continues to grow at an unprecedented rate and each new neighborhood comes with HOA regulations, you need a place to keep your large toys. Titan Storage designs each facility to fulfill a very specific storage need in our community. Our structures are composed of only oversized spaces. Boats and RVs are naturally a perfect fit, but we also accommodate classic cars, trailers, heavy equipment, and business vehicles. With our focus on recreational vehicles and larger equipment we are able to provide unique features you won’t find anywhere else.

36-foot Center Console Boat on Trailer inside an enclosed climate-controlled 15 foot by 50 foot storage unit

Facility Features

Titan Storage set out to offer the most feature-rich storage facilities to customers on the Gulf Coast. Proper storage of motorized vehicles poses a set of unique requirements that are often unmet at standard home storage facilities. To meet these unique requirements each function and feature necessary for proper storage methods is pre-planned and incorporated into the designs before construction ever begins. Each facility may not have the same specific features; however, every effort is made to accommodate the customers unique needs. Spanish Fort for instance offers completely enclosed climate-controlled storage units that may not be offered at our Fairhope storage facility. Fairhope on the other hand will offer outdoor storage space that is not available at our Spanish Fort storage facility. We recommend taking a look at the location you are interested in from the options above to learn more about the specific features available to that facility.

42ft 5th wheel camper / travel trailer backing into a 50 foot deep indoor parking unit with electric and temperature control


We promise that we will always strive to offer facilities that are clean, safe, and accessible to each of our customers. With the specific goal of providing the best storage options for motor vehicles, Titan Storage institutes standards aimed at creating an unmatched customer experience to accompany our outstanding facilities. Our managers are always courteous and eager to assist our customers. We work hard to build rapport and long-term relationships with each of our clients, and assistance is always just a phone call or app message away!

Overview of Spanish Fort Climate-Controlled Oversized Storage Facility showing wide driveway and large units
Screen capture of security camera images on monitor displaying views of facility with example of 4k HD cameras used


Security is the number one priority at Titan Storage regardless of the storage option you choose. Our facilities are all equipped with high-definition night vision cameras able to detect and record activity 24/7. We deploy a perimeter of high fences topped with barbed wire around the property to deter unwanted visitors. Our gates and doors are all equipped with advanced access control technology, all operations are monitored and recorded. Each individual tenant is assigned a unique access pin that can be entered on the keypad or through our custom mobile app. You worked hard for your belongings, and we will work even harder to protect them. Contact us to learn more about the security features specific to your location.

Automation & Technology

We have taken advantage of technological advances to create a completely automated experience that makes it easier than ever for you to solve your storage dilemma. Our website, custom mobile app, and access control systems are all integrated together and serve as the core of each facility. Everything begins with our dynamic website, where renting a storage unit can be completed with just a few clicks. The need to call ahead, schedule a visit, and fill out a stack of papers is replaced by electronic documents and advanced management systems. Managing your unit is also simplified with online access giving you the ability to set up automatic payments with Credit Cards or ACH. In fact, with the Titan Storage mobile app you can easily connect with management, manage your unit, pay your bill, and access the facility all from the palm of your hand.

Titan Storage’s custom mobile app demo screenshot of user interface for opening gate and door, paying bill, contact manager
Boats on typical marina rack structure on Alabama Gulf Coast collapsed by hurricane winds, rain, storm surge, flooding


The Alabama Gulf Coast is no stranger to inclement weather. Hurricanes, Severe Thunderstorms, Tornados, and even Hail are fairly frequent occurrences every year. So how do we counter that potential disaster? We build our structures to exceed code standards and select locations that minimize the potential for severe impact. Hurricanes – Gulf Shores and Orange Beach are the first point of contact when a hurricane makes landfall on the Alabama Gulf Coast. As such, Titan Storage is set back from the coast in locations that will receive lesser impacts from storm surge, flooding, and high winds when landfall occurs. Fort Morgan, Gulf Shores, and Orange Beach boat storage facilities, unfortunately, took the brunt of hurricane Sally in 2020 causing extensive damage to the facilities and the boats stored inside. While no facility is completely free of risk during a major weather event, Titan Storage makes every effort to mitigate the risks.

What Kind of Storage Space Do You Need?

Sun indicating outdoor storage type parking potential problems and perks
Outdoor Storage

Outdoor storage is perfect for storing things that won’t be damaged by constant exposure to the elements. Unfortunately, not many things can claim to be safe from the elements. UV radiation damages paint and fiberglass, Rain causes rot and mildew, and the wind tends to cause scratches when it picks up debris.

Open structure with canopy to cover the storage space pros and cons
Covered Storage

Covered storage is a great option for storing things tucked mostly out of the weather. You avoid the harsh sun and rain, but you remain vulnerable to the world around you. Vandalism, theft, and harsh winds are still unmitigated risks.

Enclosed Structure with door representing enclosed storage unit types with the benefits and options
Indoor Storage

Indoor storage instantly remedies the risks of having your belongings exposed to the world. The only drawback here is that you need to make sure to prepare your items for storage without protection from fluctuating temperatures. When you are evaluating indoor storage, you should still look for a building that is insulated and of course secure.

Thermostat display indicating temperature controlled enclosed storage units with advantages and obstacles
Enclosed Climate-Controlled Storage

This is the pinnacle of oversized storage options. Your concerns are mitigated on all fronts, and you can expect security to be top-notch. Unfortunately, this peace of mind doesn’t come cheap. With each step up in protection you can expect to pay a greater price, but you may also save on insurance and costly repairs and maintenance.

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