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What Can Be Stored in Titan's Oversized Storage Units?

Titan Storage services a wide range of customers and needs. Boats and RVs are the first thing that come to mind when you think of oversized storage, but there are so many other uses for our first-class facility. Below are some of our ideas for using one of our massive storage units; keep in mind the uses are nearly endless so long as it doesn’t contain prohibited items contained in our policies!

Specialty Car Storage

Enclosed Garage Storage Units are a step above your typical home garage. Storing your classic car in a facility away from home has many benefits you may not have considered. Not only are you protecting your expensive vehicle by keeping it indoors, but you are gaining the security of the facility you store it at. Multiple cameras around our facilities and a high fence enclosing them are major deterrents to potential trespassers. The potential of accidents is also drastically reduced by removing your collector’s car from your home where family and guests can’t access it. Of course, one of the most obvious benefits, above just protecting your show car, is that you regain garage space at home! If you have a custom, vintage, or antique car you’ll appreciate our in-unit cameras that allow you to check on them right from your phone before bed!

Classic cars boat motorcycle stored inside unit battery tender charger
Boat using washdown area Spanish Fort Titan Storage

Boat Storage

Keeping your boat parked in your yard isn’t always an option. Honestly, it’s not even a good option most of the time anyways. Boats are designed to sit on top of the water with a “mostly” non-porous surface made of fiberglass or aluminum. Unfortunately, that also means that water that enters the boat is trapped. Even with the drain plug removed water has to travel through the hull and can collect in some areas. Water inside of the hull can cause an unbelievable amount of damage. The structure can begin to rot, electrical components can short, and mildew can run wild. The seats are typically made of vinyl to resist mildew and tears but there is an important flaw to vinyl. Sunlight! The sun causes the chemical structure of the vinyl to become brittle and discolored. Worn and discolored vinyl upholstery is probably the most common feature on a used boat that’s been stored outside. Think about the appearance of Jet Skis. Vinyl seats makes up almost 30% of the visible surface area! Do you really want to leave your watercraft to the elements? Additional storage tips for your boat are available right on our website.

RV Camper Storage

These houses on wheels are an amazing source of enjoyment for families that enjoy traveling. Whether you have a small travel trailer or a luxury coach, the need to protect it remains the priority. Campers big and small share a common trait. They are typically built using thin sheeting covering light frames and topped with a flexible rubber roof. This has the distinct advantage of reducing the weight of the vehicle making it more efficient on the road. Unfortunately, the disadvantage of using these lightweight materials is that they do not stand up to the elements very well. Allowing unmitigated exposure to the weather is going to lead to costly repairs much sooner than expected. Also, beyond the threats posed by the elements your vehicle will be stored out of sight greatly reducing the risk of theft and vandalism. Worried about having to maneuver your camper in tight spaces? With our fully paved extra wide driveways, getting your RV in and out will be a breeze. We also have a blog that has some very helpful articles specifically for RVs!

Montana 5th wheel camper Titan Storage Spanish Fort AL
Large construction business equipment vehicles in Spanish Fort Titan Storage

Small Business Storage

Every business reaches a point where the growth rate exceeds the available space. Owners are then forced to look for a way of continuing growth but keeping the expenses down. With the real estate market at a peak, commercial properties are more expensive than ever before. Purchasing a new business location can be too far out of reach and what if you outgrow it too quickly? Commercial leases can be complex and require lengthy periods well over 12 months. Instead of signing that commitment you should focus on your business and get just the space you need to continue expanding. Excess inventory? Seasonal items? Commercial vehicles? Trailers and equipment? Titan Storage has the perfect solution for your growing business. Our spacious storage units are easily accessed 24 hours a day and will keep your goods safe and dry until you need them. The doors are big enough to fit your company truck or heavy construction equipment loaded on a trailer. You’ll be able to store or retrieve your belongings at a time that’s convenient for you with your personal access code.

Oversized Storage

The list of possible items we can handle is endless. Don’t be constrained by that “large” 10-foot by 20-foot walk-in unit at a typical storage company. All of our units are oversized and include huge doors allowing drive-up and drive-in access from our completely enclosed secure sites. So, whether you have a large, enclosed horse trailer for your rodeo days, or a collection of UTVs and ATVs for weekend adventures, we have the room to keep your things safe and secure. Titan Storage is perfect for antique furniture; temporary household storage for your whole home when you are moving or remodeling; farm and industrial equipment, sporting goods, motorcycles, golf carts, and just about anything else you can think of. Declutter your home, garage, and yard all in one convenient location. Consolidate multiple small storage units into one large unit and organize things for easy access. The possibilities are endless with our storage spaces, with sizes up to 750sqft available, large enough for you to place the entire moving truck inside the unit! If you still have questions, please head over to our FAQs page for some answers to those common questions.

Whole home stored in unit with BMW SUV organized