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As your business grows it consumes more and more of your space. Adding new products to your inventory or even offering new services take up space that you may not have. Moving to a bigger facility sounds great but the additional costs and potential downtime can deplete your profits. The best option for keeping your business on track and solving your lack of space could be renting a storage unit.

Daphne business storage can be difficult to find, and regular mini storage just isn’t big enough for your commercial needs. Multiple small Climate-controlled units can be expensive and not very convenient for you to access and organize.

Fortunately, Titan Storage has oversized business storage units available nearby in Spanish Fort. Each unit is climate-controlled and measures 15’ in width with 50’ in depth. These 750sqft storage spaces are the perfect solution for storing your excess materials as well as your vehicles.

Massive overhead doors are equipped on every unit to allow large vehicles to enter the unit safely. This means you don’t have to leave your commercial vehicles outdoors anymore either.

If you’re looking for an excellent way to store your tools, equipment, and vehicles while they aren’t in use, then Titan Storage has the space you need.

What Are Fleet Vehicles?

Whether you have service vans, company trucks, or executive cars they all fall under the term “Fleet Vehicle.” Fleet vehicles are any vehicles that are owned, leased, or rented by a business. The use of fleets is quite common in a wide variety of businesses. While some businesses allow employees to drive their company vehicle full time, there are others that need a place to keep them when they aren’t on the road.

Fleet vehicles are often left outdoors because of their size but that’s not always the best option. Increased wear and tear, premature maintenance, weather damage, and theft are very real possibilities when you leave them outside.

What Are Some Benefits of Business Vehicle Storage?

Vehicle storage is ideal for businesses around Daphne, Alabama that need to protect their investments. Company vehicles are an ideal target for opportunistic thieves. Criminals break into work trucks to steal tools and equipment left in the vehicle between jobs. Rather than removing all of the equipment daily, consider storing the truck in a more secure setting.

Reduce the costs of daily use and potentially your auto insurance by keeping the vehicles at a secure but convenient location close by overnight. This cost-effective solution will keep employees from misusing company vehicles outside of work hours and ensure the vehicles are ready to go the next day. You also control costs by reducing fuel expenses associated with driving between locations.

You reduce the wear and tear on the vehicle caused by exposure to the elements. The sun will inevitably cause paint to fade, plastic to become brittle, and vinyl decals to peel. You can better keep your fleet looking like new by storing them indoors.

You'll also enjoy the ability to check in on your vehicles right from your mobile device. Every unit has a camera installed inside and is capable of remote viewing with Titan Storage.

The advantages of storing your fleet vehicles at Titan Storage include:


While your cars or trucks are parked in our facility, your vehicles will be protected from theft and vandalism. There are high-definition night-vision cameras installed around the perimeter of our buildings that record day and night. Every unit also has the internal camera that is capable of being viewed remotely through a mobile device.

In the event that there is a power outage, we have a backup generator that will make sure the doors, cameras, and lights are working. This will allow you to continue conducting business as usual without any disruptions.

In addition, there is security lighting that ensures the facility is well-lit at night and a fence that is six feet high and topped with barbed wire completely around the perimeter.


Convenience is one of the benefits of storing your fleet vehicles at Titan Storage. Our advanced access control system allows tenants to enter their access code on the keypads for the gate or their unit; or they can use the mobile app to open and close their units right from their phone.

Billing can be handled through our custom mobile app, online, or in person to make it accessible for everyone. There is also the option to set up automatic payments for a hassle-free experience.

Each of our locations is easy to get to, and our staff is there to help you Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.


Our facility is climate controlled which keeps your stored items safe and secure year-round. We take pride in keeping our facilities clean and well maintained, so that you can feel confident about storing your business supplies and vehicles here.

If you need to wash your vehicle or equipment, we have a convenient washdown area for our customers to use.

On-Site Management

Management is present on the premises Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. However, tenants have 24-hour access to ensure they are free to enter their units whenever it is convenient for them. Our managers have also received training to ensure that all of our customers receive the highest level of customer service possible.

Online Bill Pay

You can settle up your monthly storage cost without leaving the convenience of your living room thanks to the online bill pay service offered by Titan Storage.

Wide Driveway

Because our roadway between units is wide, it is simple to maneuver even the largest of vehicles. It also makes it much simpler for you to access your unit whenever other tenants are present without causing delays.

Can You Store Vehicles in Daphne Business Storage?

Our oversized commercial sized storage units were designed to accommodate the largest street legal vehicles just shy of semi-trucks with trailers. We've been providing Daphne business owners with secure storage solutions since 2020. Our friendly staff will help answer any questions you have about our facilities or services.

Why Choose Titan for Your Business Storage?

Titan is conveniently located in Spanish Fort, Alabama, just a short drive from Daphne. Our storage facilities are designed to accommodate all types of businesses. Whether you need RV storage, commercial storage, warehouse storage, or business storage, we have what you’re looking for.

We have years of experience dealing with local businesses, so we understand how vital it is to ensure the safety and security of your belongings at all times.

About Titan Storage

Our facility features the largest climate-controlled units that can easily accommodate your needs. Whether you are storing company vehicles or excess business inventory, we have the space for you.

Titan Storage takes pride in providing excellent customer service with no long-term contracts required.

If you would like more information about our services and our facilities, what are you waiting for? Contact us to find a facility near you.