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How to Store Your Leftover Business Stock

Joel Belanger

Do you need storage space for your small business? Are you looking for a flexible, cost-effective option?

A self-storage facility gives you a convenient storage solution without the commitment that a warehouse or other more permanent facility requires. An increasing number of businesses are taking advantage of this option.

Find out what a storage unit can do for your small business and where to find the best business storage in Fairhope.

Why Use Self-Storage for Small Business Stock?

Self-storage has a range of uses for small business owners. A storage unit gives you options for storing inventory, documents, seasonal items, equipment, tools, and other items.

It's a good first step if you need storage but aren't ready to lease warehouse space. Using a storage unit can also help you optimize your current warehouse space.

Maximize Your Work and Storage Space

If you decide to start a business and operate it from your home, you can put the previous contents of your new business room in storage.

If your current work or storage space is getting crowded but you're not ready to commit to a larger one, a storage unit can help you maximize the space you have. You can transfer unused furniture, equipment you don't need on a daily basis, and documents to the storage facility.

Keeping these items in a storage unit is often more cost effective than wasting your workspace storing them.

Keep Files and Records Off Site

Running a business creates a large amount of paperwork. As your business grows, so do the documents. You need to keep these files, but you don't need daily access to them.

A climate-controlled storage unit can be a good solution. Your documents are still in a controlled environment, and you get valuable office space back.

Store Seasonal Inventory

A storage unit can help small business inventory management as a place to store seasonal inventory. For example, if you weren't able to sell all of the Christmas decorations you had in stock this year, you can store them until next year. You avoid having to liquidate or donate the inventory.

Likewise, you know that grills and gardening gloves will sell at a higher markup in May than in January. You can make room in the store for other merchandise and keep the summer inventory in storage until you need it.

Restaurants, hotels, and event planners can take advantage of storing seasonal items as well. Tables and chairs for special events, spare china and glassware, and decorations are just some of the things that you may want to leave in a storage unit.

Use Bulk and Off Season Purchasing

Small businesses without enough storage space aren't able to take advantage of buying in bulk. Buying wholesale is cheaper and gives you better product selection. Renting business storage gives you a place to store bulk purchases.

A storage unit also lets you benefit from buying off season. For example, you can buy clearance inventory at the end of the season and put it in storage. Then you can sell it later at a regular price.

Store Heavy Equipment and Materials

Construction contractors, landscapers, and mechanics are some of the entrepreneurs who use heavy equipment and bulky materials. A self-storage unit keeps these supplies secure and easy for you to access.

You can rent a storage unit near your job site for the duration of the project. You can also keep a storage unit for surplus materials, tools, and equipment that you don't currently need.

Benefits of Using Business Storage in Fairhope

Renting a self-storage unit has advantages for small businesses compared to other storage options. Self-storage gives you security, safety, convenience, and flexibility.


Renting a storage unit gives small business owners advanced security measures they may not otherwise be able to afford. Storage facilities typically have surveillance cameras, gated entry, security fences, and good exterior lighting. Accessing the facility as well as an individual unit requires a code or other form of authorization.


A storage unit offers you increased safety for your merchandise or equipment. A climate-controlled storage unit gives you protection from the elements.

Look for a facility that is built to withstand Baldwin County's severe weather. After a record-breaking hurricane season in 2020, you want storage that will stand up to the wind and rain.

A self-storage facility will also have systems in place in case of fire.

If your business uses equipment and tools like ladders, hammers, saws, or drills, storing these items in your home or garage can pose a safety risk for your family. A storage unit keeps your tools secure. You can access them easily, but you don't have to worry about pets, children, or other family members accidentally injuring themselves.

Convenient Access

Look for a self-storage facility that you can access any time. Most facilities have systems in place to let you get into your unit even when no staff members are on site.


Many self-storage facilities rent month-to-month. You don't have a long-term contract like you would with a warehouse or other storage option. You can adapt quickly as your business needs change.

If you need more or less storage capacity, you can find a larger or smaller unit. You can rent an additional unit if you need one.

Finding the Best Business Storage

When you start looking for business storage in Fairhope or Spanish Fort, you'll discover what sets Titan Storage apart. We specialize in oversized storage with fully enclosed units large enough for a full-sized RV to drive into. You'll have room for anything you want to store, including heavy machinery or other large equipment.

Instead of renting multiple small units, one of our oversized units will hold everything in one location with one rental rate.

Our climate-controlled units protect your business stock from the elements. We have hurricane-rated steel buildings with reinforced door frames. A storm water drainage system helps minimize the risk of flooding.

Our state-of-the-art security features include video surveillance, gated access with a security fence, and LED security lighting. You can choose to enable the in-unit camera, which offers you remote viewing.

You have convenient access to your storage unit with a keypad code and mobile app access control. The app also lets you pay your bill and set up recurring payments.

Our leases are month-to-month, so you have flexibility as your business needs change.

Leasing at Titan Storage

The leasing process at Titan Storage is quick and easy. You can complete the entire process online.

If you'd like to see one of our units, or if you would prefer to handle the leasing arrangements with one of our experienced team members, give us a call today. We'll show you why we're the best business storage in Fairhope.