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5 Tips for Safely Storing Expensive Office Equipment in a Storage Facility

Gary Lambert Jr.

When you want to ensure that expensive office equipment is stored safely and securely until you need it again, using a business storage unit in Spanish Fort, AL, is one option. However, more than merely putting your equipment in storage is required to ensure its security. To prevent theft or damage to your equipment, you must take the necessary procedures to store it properly.

In this article, we'll give you five key pointers for safely putting your expensive office equipment in a storage facility. These suggestions can assist in making sure that your equipment is well-protected until you need it again, whether you're storing PCs, printers, or office furniture.

Choose the Right Storage Facility

Valuable home office equipment stored in a small storage unit with an overhead door.

The first step in securely storing your expensive office equipment is selecting the appropriate storage facility. It's crucial to shop around for a storage facility that suits your needs before making a decision. Think about things like accessibility, size, and location.

While selecting a storage facility, you should also pay particular attention to security elements in addition to these fundamental factors. To assist in keeping your equipment safe, seek out locations with security cameras, alarm systems, and on-site staff. Some facilities, like Titan Storage, have backup generators to ensure that lights, doors, and cameras would still work during a power outage.

It's also crucial to check for climate-controlled storage units nearby if you're keeping delicate equipment like laptops or gadgets. These devices control temperature and humidity, which can assist in shielding your equipment from deterioration over time. Your valuable office equipment will be kept safe and secure until you need it again if you choose the correct storage facility.

Prepare Your Equipment for Storage

Decluttered office equipment sitting in a corner. Ready for packing and storage.

Setting up your expensive office equipment for storage is crucial to ensure its durability and avoid damage. To set up your equipment for storage, follow these steps:

  1. All equipment should be completely cleaned and sanitized to remove dust, dirt, or stains before being stored. By doing this, any bacterial or mold growth during storage will be avoided.
  2. Large equipment should be broken down into smaller components. It will be simpler to store and safeguard against harm as a result. For later reassembly to be simple, keep all screws and minor pieces arranged and labeled.
  3. Use bubble wrap, foam, or other cushioning materials to cover and protect delicate parts from deterioration during storage and transportation. This will lessen the likelihood of dents, scratches, and other sorts of damage.
  4. All tools and components should be labeled to make it simpler to locate them afterward. Label each component and the related parts with distinct labels and markers.

Following these instructions will help you minimize the chance of damage occurring during storage or transit and guarantee that your valuable office equipment is correctly prepped for storage.

Pack Your Equipment Correctly

How to prepare boxes for storage using a packaging tape.

Packing your expensive office equipment properly after preparing it for storage is crucial to ensure its protection and safety throughout shipping and unloading into a business storage unit in Spanish Fort, AL. Here are some pointers for properly packing your equipment:

  • Utilize premium packing supplies: Invest in premium packaging supplies such as heavy-duty boxes, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and packing tape. Your equipment will receive additional security from these materials both during storage and transit.
  • Weight distribution in boxes: While packing your equipment, be careful to uniformly divide the weight in each box to prevent any damage from occurring during shipping. A box that is heavier on one side than the other can topple over, potentially harming your equipment.
  • Stack the boxes properly: Boxes should be stacked neatly and firmly, with larger boxes at the bottom and lighter ones at the top. This will stop boxes from colliding and destroying their contents. To keep boxes from moving during shipping, tape them together with packing tape.

Store Your Equipment Safely

A pile of boxes outside a storage unit in a narrow, well-lit corridor.

It's time to carefully store your expensive office equipment at the storage facility after you've prepared and packed it for storage. Here are some pointers for securely keeping your equipment:

  1. Respect all storage facility policies. Each storage facility has a unique set of policies, such as the maximum weight limit for each unit and the objects that can't be stored there. To ensure that your equipment is stored safely, read and abide by all rules.
  2. Make sure your storage unit is the right size. Your equipment may be harmed if the unit is too small. If it's too big, you might be paying for more room than you need at the moment but have room for growth. It's advisable to pick a unit that can fit your equipment without being crowded.
  3. Equipment should not be placed directly on the floor; instead, it should be placed on pallets or shelves to protect it from dampness and pests. This will stop pests from climbing up your equipment and moisture from penetrating.

Check on Your Equipment Periodically

A man pushing a platform trolley with piles of boxes going into a storage unit a narrow, well-lit corridor.

It's crucial to occasionally check on your expensive office equipment to ensure it's in excellent shape and hasn't been harmed by pests or damage, even if you've properly prepped, packed, and stored it. Here are some recommendations for maintaining your equipment:

  1. Visit your storage facility frequently to inspect your equipment. This will enable you to identify potential concerns early on and deal with them before they worsen.
  2. Check your equipment carefully for any signs of damage, such as dents, scratches, or rust, when you visit your storage facility to check for pests. Moreover, watch for pest indicators like droppings or chewed-up cables. Take action right once to stop future harm if you discover any symptoms of pests or damage.
  3. Make any necessary repairs or changes when you see any damage or pest signs to stop future damage. To avoid electrical issues, for instance, replace any cords that have been chewed on soon away.

You can make sure that your equipment is in good shape and keep any possible issues from developing by checking on it regularly. Be proactive in resolving any problems you discover, and take the required action to stop additional harm.


In conclusion, careful planning, packing, and storage are all necessary to safely store your valuable office equipment in a business storage unit in Spanish Fort, AL. You can ensure your equipment is secure and well-protected until you need it again by paying attention to the advice provided in this piece.

Select a storage facility that can accommodate your demands and has sufficient climate control and security measures. Clean and disassemble your equipment, then individually package and mark each item. Use top-notch materials, uniformly distribute weight, and firmly stack the boxes while packing.

Follow all rules and requirements for the storage facility, pick a suitable unit size, and set up your equipment on pallets or shelves to keep pests and moisture out. Think about getting insurance to guard against loss or theft.

Finally, perform routine maintenance on your equipment to identify any possible issues early and to make any necessary modifications or fixes to stop additional harm. Keep your expensive office equipment properly and confidently according to these suggestions.