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Storage Tips and Tricks

To make sure your boat, RV or car is in tip-top shape and ready to use the next time, follow these simple tips before closing up the garage!

  • 1.
    Perform a Fluid Dump and Interior Cleaning

    If you have an RV, your prep starts while you are still out on the road. Make sure to do a fluid dump at the last place you camp. Whatever you are driving, make sure that you remove anything perishable or that could attract pests: food items, drinks, etc.

  • 2.
    Perform an Exterior Cleaning

    Next, give your vehicle or boat a good cleaning. At Titan Storage, we have a wash facility just for that. Make sure to remove any cleaning supplies as those don’t store well.

  • 3.
    Use a Battery Tender

    It’s always recommended that you connect your batteries to a tender aka trickle charger. This prolongs its life and makes sure it's ready to start the next time you use it. However, if you don’t plan on using a tender, just remove the battery and take it with you.

  • 4.
    Complete All Preventative Maintenance

    Some preventative maintenance can go a long way. Make sure you check your tires. They should be at the proper cold pressure. You should service locks with spray lubricant to keep them moving easily the next time you need to use them. Before you store for a long period, check, and refresh all those important fluids. Never store a boat with anything less than a full tank.

  • 5.
    Open Up Any Ports

    Before you leave, make sure you have retracted all slide outs. To improve ventilation, make sure to leave the rooftop vents open. All floorboards should be up; doors ajar; ports and skylights open; hatches partly open; and drawers and lockers open.

  • 6.
    Turn Off Your Appliances

    Propane cylinders must be shut off and cover the regulators. Turn off your refrigerator and leave the door partially open. Make sure that any 12 and 110 volt power sources are switched off, along with your LP gas.

  • 7.
    Use Non-Wood Chocks

    Last, put a rubber or some other synthetic material chock behind each wheel. Don’t use wood since it can be eaten by pests.

  • 8.
    Keep Your Papers Sorted

    Finally, some administrative items: take pictures and record the VIN and keep them for insurance purposes. Check the registration and renew it in the winter months so you’re ready to go in the spring.

By following these tips, you’ll be ready for whatever fun you can imagine in your boat, RV, or car!