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  1. 1. Before storing your RV or Boat, give it a good spring cleaning
  2. 2. Remove perishable items along with toiletries and cleaning supplies
  3. 3. Remove anything that might attract bugs and rodents
  4. 4. Plan on doing the initial fluid dump at the last place you camp
  5. 5. Remove the battery if you aren’t using a trickle charger
  6. 6. Check tires
  7. 7. When storing your RV or Boat, take pictures and record the VIN and keep them for insurance purposes
  8. 8. Check the registration and renew it in the winter months so you’re ready to go in the spring
  9. 9. All fluids should be refreshed before storing your Boat or RV, especially fuel and oil
  10. 10. Don’t store your Boat with anything less than a full tank
  11. 11. Place a chock behind each wheel of your trailer
  12. 12. Retract all slide outs
  13. 13. Leave the vents on the rooftop open
  14. 14. Leave all floorboards up, doors ajar, ports and skylights open, hatches partly open, drawers and lockers open
  15. 15. Turn off refrigerator, verify that all power sources are off by checking 12 volt, 110 volt and LP gas
  16. 16. Turn off the propane cylinders and cover the regulator
  17. 17. Service locks with spray lubricant