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What to Look for in Antique Car Collection Storage

Joel Belanger

Car Collection Storage - The Features You Should Know About

Are you looking for a way to store your antique car collection?

There are tons of activities that have a psychological impact on us. For some people, these can be simple like stamp or coin collection. Others are a bit more extreme, going for larger and more luxurious collections, like antique cars.

If you're among the people who have such a collection, you may find that you'll have a hard time looking for a place for them. With how big and susceptible they are to the elements, you'll need the best storage Fairhope has to offer to keep them in their best conditions.

To find great antique car storage solutions, read what we've prepared below. We'll help you by telling you how to properly store your antique cars.

Where You Can Store Your Car

To start, let's discuss where you can store your antique cars. Here are the most common options that will be available for you.

Home Garage

Your home garage will be the first area you'll likely think of. This is often where most store their first antique car, too. While it can work, it leaves a lot for you to desire in terms of storage.

A garage isn't equipped enough for it to be reliable in storing your cars. While it can protect your car against the elements, it still lets moisture into the area. This makes it likely for molds and fungi to grow around your car.

It's also not a good enough space to hold a large collection. What's great about this option, though, is that you can service your car whenever you want.

Private Building

Private buildings are great for storing a large collection of antique cars. The space is big, open, and often gets enough ventilation. This is the best off-site option because of these qualities.

However, they're the most expensive investment you can make. It can cost you up to 200,000 USD a year. It's also harder for you to access your cars without the permission of the building's owner.

Dedicated Car Collection Storage Facilities

These storage facilities are the number one choice for classic automobile storage. These facilities have great security measures and temperature control. This means that you need not worry about theft and the condition of your car while you're keeping them there.

You also have access to your car whenever you visit the facility. You only need to show proof to whoever's watching over the place when you visit.

The only downside is that you need to drive over to check out your cars. Dedicated car storage facilities, at least the ones that are worth your investments, are few and far between.

How Long Will You Store the Car?

First, you must know how long you'll have your car stored for. If you're looking to use it later in the year, your best bet is short-term storage. These often last from one to three months.

This is a popular choice for classic car owners as the winter season approaches. This is because common home garages are often not enough to keep out the effects of winter. It means that the car can still suffer the effects of frost and extremely low temperatures.

One year is the standard for storage solutions. This is popular for owners who don't want to compromise the condition of their cars. They only get taken out when there's an event where the owner can show it off in all its beauty.

Long-term storage is the best choice if you're looking to put them away for more than a year. This is often the choice for car owners if they're looking to store their cars while they look for more to add to their collection.

What to Do Before Storing Your Car

Before you put your car off into storage, you must consider a couple of things. What you must do will depend on how long you plan on storing your car.

Short-Term Car Collection Storage

For short-term storage, you must first give it a good spring cleaning. Keeping your car clean before storage means that you need not worry about external factors that linger from your previous use from damaging it. A good way to make this task easier is by cleaning it every time you take it out for a drive outside.

You should also consider waxing your car before you store it away. Doing this is a great way to protect the exterior from smaller threats. Things like dust, salt, and dirt can cling to your car and damage the paint.

Giving it a nice coat of wax ensures that these can't cling to the exterior. It also has a hand at preventing excessive moisture generation on your car. This is key in preventing your car from rusting.

Long-Term Car Collection Storage

If you're looking to keep your car stored for a longer time, you need to do more than maintain the body. You'll also need to maintain the mechanical parts lest they sustain enough damage to make them irreparable.

It's good to start with the engine. Changing the oil is a good idea to prevent the engine from degrading. This keeps it in top condition for the next time you take it out for a drive.

You should also pay attention to the fuel tank. Filling it all the way is a great way to keep it in top condition. Doing this prevents the tank from rusting and contaminating the fuel.

It's also a good idea to cover your car with a tarp. Doing this is essential when a window that allows sunlight is present in the storage space. It prevents the sunlight from compromising the exterior and discoloring it.

You can also consider lubricating the rubber components of your car. This prevents them from degrading as you keep them in storage.

The Best Storage Fairhope Has to Offer

Your classic cars don't need to be at the mercy of the elements. Look for the best place of storage Fairhope has to offer and keep them in pristine condition today!

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