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RV Storage in Orange Beach, AL

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You did not buy your RV with plans to spend more time working on it than enjoying it, right? One of the top 5 reasons for costly RV repairs is failing to perform preventative maintenance, which includes proper storage when not in use. The Gulf Coast also has an elevated risk of encountering severe weather including hurricanes, high winds, flooding, and intense thunderstorms. Each risk further emphasizes the need for better options for RV storage in Orange Beach, AL.

So how do you find the best safe and secure storage option for your precious RV?

Options for RV Storage Near Orange Beach, AL

RV Owners have a lot to consider when choosing the best storage option for their vehicles. Here are the typical storage options for RVs, along with their corresponding risks and benefits.

Outdoor Storage

If you store your RV outdoors, you'll need to regularly wash, wax, and perform maintenance on it. This will take time and money. RV covers can help but they are a challenge to put on. They have to be strapped or taped down because if they flap around too much, they can damage your recreational vehicle's paint or finish.

When considering storing outdoors, it ultimately comes down to a choice between the cost of storing vs. the cost of the damage natural elements can do to your precious RV. Repair rates today are around $150 to $170 an hour nationally, for labor alone. Materials usually cost around double the labor rates, as RV parts are more expensive than regular automotive parts. Towing costs range from $5 to $7 per mile, so an 80-mile tow can run up $600 in additional costs.

Outdoor storage is best for storing things that won't be damaged by constant outdoor exposure. However, very few items can qualify for this criteria. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation damages paint and glass. Rain causes rot and mildew. Wind can cause scratches when it picks up debris and hits your RV.

Covered Storage

Covered storage is any outdoor storage spot protected by an awning or overhead structure. It's still basically outdoor storage but with a roof. It does protect your RV from direct exposure to the harsh sun and pelting rains, but it still remains vulnerable to high winds, not to mention vandalism and theft.

Some covered storage units have walls that separate your vehicle from others' vehicles but they're still essentially open to other factors that can shorten the life of your vehicle.

It costs more than outdoor storage, as you have to pay for renting the covered storage space, but it provides more protection than outdoor storage.

Indoor Storage

Indoor storage overcomes the risks of having your precious belongings exposed to the whole wide world. It's safe and more secure, but also more expensive than outdoor storage.

Still, you have to prepare your Class A RV for storage without protection from fluctuating temperatures. Or, you might need to look for a building or storage unit that is insulated as well as secure. You'll also need to consider whether you have 24/7 access to the facility so you can check on your valuable vehicles any time you need or want to.

Climate-Controlled Indoor Storage Unit

Climate-controlled indoor storage units provide several benefits that override the concerns and risks of outdoor, covered, and regular indoor storage.

These key benefits are:

  • Protection from extreme temperatures
  • Great air quality, which is important for the sensitive electronics in your vehicle
  • Additional barrier from dust and debris
  • Humidity control to prevent mildew growth and the drying and cracking of wood and vinyl surfaces

Titan Storage not only offers climate-controlled self-storage units but oversized climate-controlled storage units which provide security and convenience. It recognizes all these challenges and problems that all RV owners have to go through in protecting their precious recreational investments, so it came up with better solutions.

Our storage units need to be oversized because your RV doesn't deserve to be cramped and stored along with all the other stuff, like they're just any regular item. Where typical oversized storage units are around 14'x40', Titan Storage's units are at 15'x50' allowing additional space for you to comfortably fit your RV.

In addition, Titan Storage's climate-controlled storage units are:

  • Completely enclosed and constructed of hurricane-rate steel for safety and security
  • With 20A electrical service in-unit
  • With 24-hour gated access
  • With 24/7 state-of-the art 4K HD video camera surveillance and a high-level of security
  • Completely paved with a 100-feet driveway
  • With backup generator
  • With integrated automation technology so you can easily access your storage unit and vehicles from your mobile phone app and manage your account from there or from Titan's website

It's also convenient, as Titan Storage is nearby in Spanish Fort, just a short drive away from Orange Beach. It's close to the Interstate, which makes it an ideal launch point for your next RV adventure once you decide to take it out. It's also just takes a short drive to access the water on Mobile Bay or one of the bay's tributaries. More importantly, it is set back from the coast to ensure a safer location for your recreational vehicles during hurricanes and severe storms.

The facility is tucked off the main road for better security.  You won't have to stress pulling out into traffic, though, as there's a traffic light at the intersection of Highway 31.

Choosing this option for your valuable RV also enables you to save up on insurance and costly repairs and maintenance, because they are well-stored and protected, as they rightly deserve.

Most of all, this option gives you peace of mind, which has gotten rarer and rarer today.

To find out more about how you can enjoy the convenience and security of Titan Storage for your RV, get in touch with us today.