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RV Storage Options – Tips & Tricks


RV storage can be tricky for both veteran owners and first time owners alike. Every RV owner will need to weigh the benefits with the cost of special features RV storage facilities offer. Whether you are storing an 18' airstream camper or a 42' Prevost bus, there are things you need to consider. These helpful articles will dive into the features to look for and the ones to avoid.


Features to Look For


RV's are built to be lightweight but durable. Unfortunately, those two things rarely work together. In fact lightweight typically means that things are less durable! Let's look at a few examples of this and the features a storage facility may offer to extend the life of your RV.


1.) Rubberized Roofs

- Most RV's, with a few exceptions, come standard with a rubberized roof. This is great for RV's because it offers necessary flexibility and durability. However, it is also prone to damage from so many things. Make sure that the facility you are considering has, at a minimum, a covering to minimize exposure to the elements.

2.) Lightweight Framing

- To make these "homes on wheels" mobile, weight has to be kept to a minimum. Unlike a homes structure, an RV is forced to use smaller boards for the framing and paneling. Furthermore, the walls are only given a lightweight skin to cover the framing and insulation. While it is more than adequate for short trips and getaways, it is not enough for extended exposure. Moisture can get into the framing and warp the boards, or even worse, cause them to rot. Try to find a facility that is completely enclosed and climate controlled to avoid these costly repairs.

3.) Deep Cycle Batteries

- RV's need to store a large amount of power to run the built in systems. The only way to do so is by using deep cycle batteries. Even if you have a generator onboard power is still typically routed through the batteries. These batteries are designed to have a larger capacity while limiting the maximum draw allowed. They have one major drawback that you should be aware of, however. Deep cycle batteries that fall below a certain charge level lose that ability to recharge to their full capacity. Over time these batteries will be unable to hold any charge at all. As such, make sure the facility offers dedicated electrical service for your space.


Features That Fall Flat


Not every feature is actually worth the price you pay. Some facilities will offer features that, while appealing on paper, may have no real application for you. Let's look at a few examples of features that may not be worth it for you.


1.) Dump Stations

- At first it may sound like a convenient feature that you will use frequently. In reality, you will rarely if ever actually use it. Nearly every campground you visit, or rest stop you hit, will have a dump station for you to use. When you are packing up to leave a campground one of the first things you do is empty the grey and black water tanks to avoid travelling with waste water.

2.) Car Washes

- Some facilities may offer a drive through RV wash at an additional cost. These rarely do an adequate job of cleaning your vehicle and in some cases can actually damage it. The only thing you really need is an area that has access to water and a hose. If you decide to get a full detail you can use these facilities without paying exorbitant amounts for an ineffective wash.

3.) RV Supplies For Sale

- Yes, I do agree that it would be convenient to get supplies for a trip right at the facility. However, have you compared the price of those items with a regular store? Paying for convenience has a place, but the cost should be reasonable. So skip the in-house RV supplies and get them from your regular sources.