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Mobile Boat & RV Storage

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Owning a boat or an RV is a passion, that few people have brought to fruition, as the cost of owning a recreational vehicle can be overwhelming for most. For those who do finally purchase a boat or RV of their own, the cost of maintaining and keeping that vehicle safe is a top priority. Finding the best Mobile boat & RV storage facility will help keep your expensive recreational vehicles safe and secure.

Mobile RV Storage

For those who own recreational vehicles, storing them can be a difficult task. RVs are generally large, and therefore they require a lot more space to park and store them. Since RVs are generally used seasonally, or for the sporadic adventure, rather than taken out every weekend, they tend to spend most of their time in storage.

Recreational vehicles are often left out under the hot sun for weeks on end. The UV rays emitted from the sun can quickly damage the roof of most common RVs. On hotter days, the heat can build up on the surface of the RV, and cause damage to seals as the panels expand and contract. The longer that an RV is left out in the sun, the greater the damage that can occur. The heat can even build up inside of the vehicle causing rapid deterioration of interior panels, upholstery, as well as the dashboard.

Recreational vehicles that are left in driveways, or on the side of homes become targets for would-be thieves. There are many accessories inside RVs that can be easily pawned, and because they are easier to break into than a home, a thief will see them as an easy target.

Because of the amount of time, energy, and money that is invested in a recreational vehicle, it is important to take every step possible to keep it safe and secure year-round. As a result, many owners choose to store their RVs in a climate-controlled storage facility. Not only do climate-controlled facilities protect the outside of an RV from the harmful UV rays and damaging rains, but they also extend the life of the interior. Another important factor to consider is that the air conditioner in your RV does not need to be constantly running when not in use, saving you on excessive power consumption and wear and tear.

Mobile Boat Storage

While the winter months in Mobile are nowhere near as bitter as the colder north, it can still get a little too nippy to head out on the water every weekend. It's not uncommon for a boat to be left on a trailer for months on end, simply because the weather is not good enough to spend a day fishing. And the longer that a boat sits covered in a side or backyard, the more it becomes a target for opportunistic wildlife or even local criminals.

There are many reasons why boat owners choose to store their boat for the winter, or even year-round. Sometimes, the neighborhood association simply won't allow the storage of such large recreational vehicles at home in the driveway or the yard. Other times, owners are just too busy to worry about constantly maintaining a vehicle that is left outdoors. There are even times where storing the boat at a storage facility makes it easier to access local boat ramps and open water. Regardless of the reason, many boats end up in a storage facility eventually.

Without a question, in a perfect world, every owner of a boat would prefer to park it on a private wharf in their backyard. However, purchasing waterfront property can be a very expensive investment before taking outrageous insurance premiums into account. Likewise, renting a slip at the local Marina can also be very costly and leave your boat vulnerable to the weather. Since most boat owners simply do not have the luxury of tying off their boat on a dock behind their home, the obvious alternative would be a safe and secure storage facility near Mobile, Alabama.


One of the most important factors to take into consideration when choosing a Mobile, AL boat & RV storage facility is its location. When you are looking for a place to store a boat, it's important to find a facility that is within close proximity to the water. Likewise, when it comes to finding a place to store an RV, a facility that is near the interstate is an obvious choice. This is why many people in Mobile, AL choose to store their boats and RVs in Spanish Fort, AL. It is the perfect location that not only provides a short drive to public boat launches on Mobile Bay but is also very close to major roads like Highway 181 and I-10.

When it comes to storing a boat or an RV, another important factor is the width of the main driveway to access your space. If the access road is too narrow, it makes it difficult to maneuver larger boats and recreational vehicles into the unit. Without question, the wider the access drive is, the easier it is to navigate those large trailers and long vehicles. For most larger recreational vehicles and boats, a 100-foot-wide driveway between units is more than enough.

Whether you are looking to pick up your boat early in the morning before the sun rises or dropping your RV off in the middle of the night, being able to access the storage facility and your unit whenever needed is crucial. Nothing is worse than planning an exciting day out on the water, only to find out that the facility does not open until long after the sun has come up. That is why it's critical to choose a storage facility that provides you with 24-hour access while maintaining a high level of security.


Having 24-hour access usually makes maintaining a high level of security quite difficult. While no two security systems are the same, when it comes to keeping your investment safe, high-definition CCTV cameras that are capable of recording even in lowlight conditions, are a must. And while many storage facilities offer surveillance systems, very few provide you with individual access to remotely view inside your individual unit directly from your mobile device.

A safe and secure storage facility should operate like a maximum-security prison. It should feature six-foot-tall fencing along the perimeter with barbed wire strung out across the top. High-powered LED lighting should illuminate the facility throughout the night. There should be only a single point of access in and out of the facility, that is monitored constantly. More importantly, living along the Gulf Coast means dealing with the potential of hurricanes impacting the local area. When hurricane season kicks into full swing, the safest boat and RV storage facility is constructed of reinforced frames and doors that are rated for hurricane-force winds.

You will find all this and more, just a short drive away at Titan Storage in Spanish Fort, AL, the best boat & RV storage facility along the Alabama Gulf Coast. Contact us for more information or to schedule a tour!