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Foley Boat & RV Storage

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Searching for secure and reliable Foley boat & RV storage options can be hectic for these oversized vehicle owners. After all, you can't keep a camper or watercraft parked in your backyard throughout the year, can you? While no law forbids parking your recreational vehicle on your personal property, it may be against your HOA regulations. It isn't the best option, convenience and security-wise, anyways.

If you are confused about which storage option to go for, we have got you sorted! Read on to obtain a detailed guide on the various storage unit choices and their risks, benefits, and security level to know which one to go for!

Foley Boat and RV Storage Types

Outdoor Parking

Outdoor parking is the most common RV and boat storage option in Alabama. Parking your coach or watercraft in an outdoor parking stall offers the maximum space compared to other storage options. Our outdoor parking areas can accommodate RVs, motor homes, campers, trailers, and large vessels of practically any size.

Outdoor parking may be everything you need if you live in a stable climatic region. Even though your boat will not be directly outside your front door, you will have access to it every day of the year.

Benefits of Outdoor Boat and RV Storage:

  1. Parking your RV or boat in an outdoor storage lot will cost you less than an indoor storage facility.
  2. You can sometimes find security features like proper fencing, nighttime lighting, and security cameras
  3. You might have 24/7 access to the facility.

Risks of Outdoor Boat and RV Storage:

  1. Your motor home or watercraft will be exposed to harmful UV radiations, harsh wind, rain, and heat.
  2. Recreational vehicles parked outside will be at the risk of mice, insects, and other pests. Moreover, bird droppings may ruin your Class A RV's aesthetics.
  3. Outdoor storage isn't the best option if you live someplace where it rains or storms frequently.

Security Level of Outdoor RV and Boat Storage Units

Although the chances are low, outdoor storage can potentially expose your recreational vessel to vandalism and theft. In Alabama, outdoor storage facilities aren’t usually affiliated with third-party security agencies to conduct regular nighttime checks. This means much lower security for the RV and boat owners.

Covered Storage

Covered storage units allow you to park your trailer or watercraft under a canopy or overhead shield. Rather than leaving your RV exposed to the elements, you may park it in a covered parking spot that offers additional protection.

While these carport-like constructions won't keep out all of the elements, they will keep the most harmful ones out, such as rain, hail, snow, and the sun.

Benefits of Covered RV and Boat Storage Units:

  1. If you live in a place where there is excessive rain or snow, a covered RV storage place may be the best option for protecting and extending the life of your recreational vehicle.
  2. Parking your RV in direct sunlight can deteriorate its interior, for example, fading the upholstery and dashboard. However, parking it in a covered storage unit can keep the vehicle safe from the harsh UV rays.
  3. Covered parking spots are the most cost-effective storage option, especially if you frequently take your recreational vehicles out. It is the perfect balance between total outdoor exposure and highly expensive interior shelter.

Risks of Covered RV and Boat Storage Units:

  1. Covered storage units don't offer the ultimate protection from natural elements.
  2. Your recreational vehicle will be exposed to mice, pests and insects.

Security Level of Covered RV and Boat Storage Units

Covered RV and boat storages have the same security as outdoor storage units. There is a risk of vehicle theft.

Indoor Storage Units

Indoor RV storage functions as a large garage for your vehicle. It saves your vehicle from the natural elements and ensures the best possible protection. Indoor storage offers several benefits to people wishing to increase the lifespan and performance of their recreational vehicles.

Indoor storage units offer off-season protection from external factors like dust, UV rays, wind, and rain.

Benefits of Indoor Boat and RV Storage:

  1. Keeping your boats and RVs inside protects them from direct exposure to the elements and UV rays.
  2. You can keep pests, filth, and contaminants from your coach by storing them indoors.
  3. Your Class A RV or vessel will look and perform better for a longer time if stored indoors.
  4. You won't have to make arrangements to move your recreational vehicle to a safer place to survive a hurricane or other major storms.

Risks of Indoor RV and Boat Parking:

  1. The fluctuating temperatures in an indoor facility is the most significant disadvantage. It might be worth storing your cheaper or older rig but would you want to keep an expensive newer model in it?
  2. Considering that there are far more outdoor storage units than indoor facilities, you'll have a harder time finding availability.
  3. You need a space that is adequately insulated.

Security Level of Indoor RV and Boat Storage Units

Indoor storage units are the safest boat and RV parking option. You will have an enclosed space with a secured door and security features within the storage facility to provide an extra degree of protection.

Climate-Controlled Enclosed Storage Units

Climate-controlled storage is the best RV and boat storage option on this list. Also known as temperature-controlled storage, it is a type of storage facility specifically intended to keep temperatures and humidity levels consistent.

Benefits of Climate-Controlled Enclosed Storage Units:

  1. These storage units make sure your recreational vehicle's exterior and interior remain the same by adjusting the temperatures.
  2. Humidity and other environmental factors can wreak your coach's internal components. Climate-controlled camper storage maintains a constant humidity level, ensuring that the internal components of your RV or boat remain in good condition.
  3. Molds can grow in recreational vehicles parked outside. Climate-controlled storage units prevent the growth of mold.

Risks of Climate-Controlled Enclosed Storage Units:

  1. None

Security Level in Climate-Controlled Enclosed Storage Units

You can be CERTAIN that your RV or boat is safe and secure in a climate-controlled storage unit. Our facilities employ security protocols such as electronic locks, and surveillance systems to protect your camper and its contents further.

Have you chosen a storage option for your RV or boat? All that's left now is to Contact us or sign a lease online  with the most reliable storage facility in Southern Alabama. Located near the Alabama Gulf Coast, Titan Storage offers you various boat and RV storage facilities to create a tension-free place for your trailers and watercraft when not in use.