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It’s nice to live in a rural area where crime levels are low, and the driveways are long. Unfortunately, not every boat or RV owner has the luxury of an estate sized lot free from the restrictions of a homeowner’s association. As result, it is important to find a reputable Daphne Boat & RV Storage facility that can keep your investment safe and secure away from your home.

Daphne RV Storage

One of the biggest benefits of choosing an RV storage facility, rather than parking your recreational vehicle at your home, is safety and security. While there are a number of smaller-sized recreational vehicles on the market, the vast majority are quite large. As result, storing them safely and keeping them protected at home can be quite the challenge. Most homes do not have a large enough yard to fit a full-sized RV, and parking it on your driveway will obstruct access to your garage and other vehicles.

Many cities and neighborhoods also have covenants and restrictions regarding the proper storage of RVs on personal property. A full-size RV is seen by many homeowners' associations as unsightly and detracting from the established aesthetic of the neighborhood. Likewise, while you may be allowed to park a recreational vehicle on the street in front of your home, you won't be able to park it there for long periods of time.

Unfortunately, a recreational vehicle is seen by would-be thieves as a simple and easy target. Why bother trying to break into a home that may have a security system when they can gain access to your RV with relative ease and steal the contents. In addition, if you are not constantly monitoring your vehicle, you could go days or even weeks without ever knowing that it was broken into.

Daphne Boat Storage

Purchasing a boat can be an expensive yet exciting endeavor for almost anyone. And while the initial cost of buying a boat can be quite high, the cost of maintaining it over the years will quickly add up. While many boat owners dream of spending every waking moment out at sea, only a few people actually have that luxury. If you are like the rest of the world, then you are probably lucky if you have the opportunity to take your boat out more than once or twice per month.

The fact is, many boats sit around for weeks if not months at a time without use. As they sit, even with a fitted boat cover, they are exposed to the elements and extreme temperatures. The sun beats down with harsh UV rays, which will wreak havoc on the gelcoat finish of a fiberglass vessel. As the heat builds up, the upholstery and other pieces of trim begin to deteriorate. Moisture gets trapped inside the cover and mildew quickly coats the interior, leaving permanent stains if left untreated. The longer that a boat is left sitting in an open yard, the greater chance that it will be damaged by the elements.


When it comes to choosing the best Daphne Boat & RV storage facility, it's important to take into consideration the convenience of the location. If you are looking for a place to store your boat when it's not being used, then you need a facility that is close to the bay and public boat launches. Likewise, when you are looking for a place to store your recreational vehicle, you need a location that is close to major roads, yet just far enough away to minimize the impact of traffic and the risks that accompany the additional visibility.

You will also need a place that you can access 24-hours a day. While there are a lot of storage facilities that offer round-the-clock access, they are not all created equally. To ensure both convenience and security, it's important to choose a location that makes use of a keypad to gain access to the main gate. Likewise, the last thing you want to deal with is carrying around keys to your unit, so, it's important to also check to see if the facility has keypad access to the individual unit doors.

With the many advancements in technology these days, keyless entry systems are becoming very popular. The use of a keyless application is not only more convenient but is also very secure. Just imagine choosing the perfect storage facility, where all you would need to do is download an application and open up the gate simply by using your smartphone. Parking an RV is made a lot easier when you do not have to get out in the rain to open the gate or unit door.

Of course, before you can finally park your boat or RV, it's important to ensure that it has been thoroughly washed. The best boat and RV storage facilities will provide you with a washdown area. This way you will be able to clean off your RV or your boat before putting it away for weeks on end. Cleaning your vehicle before storage ensures that it will be ready for your next outing when you are.


Both recreational vehicles and boats are typically one of the most expensive purchases you can make besides your home. While an RV generally costs significantly more than your average speedboat, there are large boats that can easily cost more than a home. Regardless of the cost, keeping either one safe is a top priority for most owners around Daphne, Alabama. This is why it is important to choose a facility that provides top-notch security features including: security cameras, proper lighting, access control systems, and adequate perimeter fencing.

There are many different camera systems available on the market today and the costs have become quite affordable. Unfortunately, some storage facilities still try to save money by not installing any cameras or by purchasing the cheapest ones that they can find. Sadly, if something were to happen to anything being stored in that facility, without high-definition video recordings, it would be next to impossible to identify the culprit. A good CCTV system should have the ability to record in high-definition both night and day. Furthermore, the best camera systems would allow customers to access those cameras right from their smartphones.

A simple 4-foot-high fence isn't enough to keep would-be thieves out of a storage facility. Instead, a proper boat and RV storage facility should have at the minimum, a 6-foot-high chain-link fence that runs along the perimeter of the property. But since fences can still be climbed, it is important to make sure that the top of the fence is as difficult to scale as possible, and that requires the use of barbed wire.

Security is important, and the easiest component of a good security system is limiting the access points. A storage facility really only needs a single entrance gate because it is easier to monitor and secure. That entry gate can then open to a wide driveway so that full-size RVs and large boats on trailers are able to pull in and maneuver without difficulty. The gate should remain closed anytime that management is not present to ensure that no one is able to simply walk into the storage area.

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